About the project

Nordical Optical telescopeConcept: NOT Transient Explorer (NTE) is a new instrument for the 2.5 metre Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT). The instrument design follows the ideas developed for the highly successful X-Shooter instrument of European Southern Observatory (ESO) - a project in which Niels Bohr Institute (NBI) also participated. NTE provides in one exposure intermediate resolution spectrum from ultraviolet (3350Å) all the way to the start of the thermal infrared (2.2 micrometers). In addition to the spectroscopic mode NTE has dual imagers - one in ultraviolet/visible wavelengths and another on in infrared. The user can choose to either do spectroscopy in the full wavelength range or imaging in two filters, one in ultraviolet/visible and another one in infrared. 

Team: NTE project is lead by NBI and NOT, where the principal investigator and the project office are located. Additional team members are in our partner institutes. The full list of the core team can be found here.

Funding: The core funding for the project comes from the Carlsberg foundation. This funding mainly covers the spectrograph hardware. Additional funding for different aspects of the project, e.g., man power, and hardware for the imagers, comes from our partners and The Instrument Center for Danish Astrophysics (IDA).

Timeline: The first light of NTE is expected in 2023.